Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Maniscalo Book Review

2 stars / 5 spicy peppers

Kingdom of the Feared is the third book in the Kingdom of the Wicked trilogy. This was a much anticipated release of 2022, but it didn’t hold true.

A Touch of Darkness Series Review

2 stars / 5 spicy peppers

DNF @ 75% 

A Touch of Darkness series is an urban retelling of Hades and Persephone. While the premise is enticing, the books do not live up to the hype. The lackluster plot…

The Dark One by Nikki St. Crowe Book Review

2 stars / 5 spicy peppers

I have come to the conclusion dark fantasy is not for me. This is the second dark fantasy series I have struck out on. I’m fine with books having different kinks…

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black Book Review

2 stars / 1 spicy pepper

Well, it kind of sucked. I didn’t enjoy this series like I thought I would. Very political and logical. There was hardly a story outside of that. There was so much missing…

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black Book Review

2 stars / 1 spicy pepper

This book was okay. I’m enjoying the world of it all and love the concept of fae living in-between the lands of humans. That’s a really neat…

The Traitor Queen by Danielle Jensen Book Review

2 stars / 2 spicy peppers

he second book is better than the first. Still feels like I’m pushed out of the story instead of pulled in, like arm-lengths away. I actually fell…