A Duel with the Vampire Lord by Elise Kova Book Review

3 stars / 2 spicy peppers

Elise Kova has finally released the third installment to her Married to Magic series: A Duel with the Vampire Lord! 

Floraine is the forge maiden of her village, Hunter’s Hamlet. Her role is vital in smithing and creating silver weapons for the hunters to fight the vampires that attack them every full moon. 

Ruvan is the current vampire lord that is searching for the curse anchor to free his people. 

Fate has it that these two collide. They help each other uncover the shocking and sad truth of the curse. All the while falling in love with each other.

Heart of the Fae Series Review

2.5 stars / 2 spicy peppers

Strap in for this one, thems and theys, it’s going to get rough in this review.

The series started off on a decent foot with Heart of the Fae. There was whimsy and a cute romance budding. However, we lost every bit of that in the second book, Veins of Magic. The once likable…

Veins of Magic by Emma Hamm Book Review

1.5 stars / 2 spicy peppers

Veins of Magic is the predecessor to Heart of the Fae. The story picks up where the first one left off: Sorcha in the human world caring for her family and Eamonn fighting his way to the throne. 

In a book where actions don’t have consequences, you can rest assured that all with work out for the beloved pair as they fight their way to a more…

The War of Lost Hearts Series Review

4.5 stars / 2.5 spicy peppers

If you’re looking for an intense, dark, and war-torn story with slim chances and fierce romance, then The War of Lost Hearts trilogy is for you.

Carissa Broadbent weaves a bloody story about war, survivor’s guilt, and vengeance. This is a brutal story about rising up against harmful leaders, always having an option, pushing for what you want, and loving each other. 

If you’re wanting to follow Tissanah and Max as they navigate their way from the bottom of the barrel to the top if only to help those they love and give people…

Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm Book Review

3.5 stars / 2 spicy peppers

In this Celtic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, we follow Sorcha as she embarks on a mission to find a cure for the blood beetle plague that threatens her family, and humanity at that. When her quest leads her to Hy-Brasil to bring back a fae to the mortal lands, her mission takes a twist. 

Sorcha falls for Eamonn against her better judgment. And she has conflicting emotions about loving him and her mission They ultimately come up with a good solution

Mother of Death & Dawn by Carissa Broadbent Book Review

4.5 stars / 3 spicy peppers

I can’t believe it’s actually over. It’s over and I have so many feelings. I cried so hard after I finished the book. This was one of the best, if not the best, series I’ve ever read. Mother of Death & Dawn is simply a literary…

Children of the Fallen Gods by Carissa Broadbent Book Review

4.5 stars / 3 spicy peppers

Children of the Fallen Gods picks up right where we left off in Daughter of No Worlds. We follow Max and Tissanah with the help of Reshaye as they navigate the ever-growing war that plagues Ara and Threll. However, there is a new threat on the horizon. One that is far beyond what they are capable of.

We also get a new perspective: Aefe. Her story takes place centuries in the past but attempts to uncover the threat that looms over humanity, unbeknownst

Daughter of No Worlds by Carissa Broadbent Book Review

5 stars / 3 spicy peppers

Tissanah is a young woman whose life is rooted in slavery and death. When she finally earns enough coin to buy her freedom, the negotiations don’t go according to plan which leads her to flee Threll and travel to Ara. 

There, she attempts to join the Orders and is placed as an apprentice to a war hero recluse, Max. In order for Tissanah to help

What Lies Beyond the Veil by Harper Woods Book Review

1 star / 3 spicy peppers

DNF @ 50%

Usually, I try to provide a brief synopsis of the book, something different from the one provided by the author. However, I can’t for this one because I have no idea what the plot is and I didn’t finish it.

What Lies Beyond the Veil deceived me. I was expecting

Mysteries of Thorn Manor by Margaret Rogerson Book Review

4 stars / 1 spicy pepper

After the events of Sorcery of Thorns, we once again follow Elisabeth and Nathaniel as they attempt to corral the unruly wards that prevent them from leaving the manor. The shrubs are alive, bizarre weather encompasses the house, and clothing has a heated vendetta…