An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson Book Review


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


This was a cute book and I enjoyed the idea and world-building of it. The only thing was is that it lacked in the plot. We didn’t really get to experience the characters growing together at the beginning to support them throughout the rest of the book. Also, if Rook is a prince, then it was a missed opportunity to introduce his kingdom to the reader. There was a lot missing and the flow didn’t always make sense, but nonetheless, it was still a good book! I just think it could have been fleshed out a bit more. 


  • Whimsical fae world
  • The Craft
  • Quick read


  • No map



Honestly, not much of a plot to be found here. It was all over the place in the middle and finally tidied up at the end. There were too many plot points crammed into the book that it muddied the experience. I would have either liked a longer, more fleshed out book, or less plot points. It was also face paced and kind of jerked you around from one event to the next.

For example, the raven enchantment could have been utilized more. We didn’t really get to see it except right after the enchantment was granted. And quite frankly, I couldn’t remember how many ravens equaled what. It was easily forgotten.

Also, the romance of the book felt a bit forced and came across as “instant love.” We don’t see the relationship develop; instead we’re told about it. I wasn’t convinced of Isobel and Rook’s love really at all in the book. But I do love their connection and dynamic. So, I’m a bit torn on how to feel towards them.

The ending was good, though! If lsobel and Rook’s romance is to be believed, then damn, what an ending. It was powerful and dramatic. I loved it. And it was at the very end that we see Rook’s affection towards Isobel when he called her “my love.” I wish we saw more of that kind of language throughout.



Isobel is strong female protagonist. Her passion for art and her ability to defend her family is admirable. however, not long after she’s taken its like she goes into a trance with Rook. Like her brain turns to mush and we’re all just swooning over Rook with her. 


Rook was…interesting, to say the least. At the beginning, I didn’t necessarily like him, but he grew on me once they entered the spring lands. He was arrogant and full of himself, but that seems fitting for fae prince. So, I’ll let it slide. Towards the end we got to see more of his softer side, especially when trying to learn about humans. So, I guess he was redeemed? 

Side Characters

Honestly, none of the side characters were memorable besides Emma and May. I love those goat kids!


The world-building is fantastic, from the human-fae relaltionship, to the Craft. It was so immersive. The writing was beautiful and truly created a magical experience. Which covered a lot of the flaws of the book, initially. Rogerson’s writing helps distract from those flaws and, boy, could I read her work all day because her words take you away to a better place.


An Echantment of Ravens whisked me away on a fantasy romance adventure for a few hours and I enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed the world and the characters, even if the plot was lacking. I just wish there was more. It had so much potential. 

I would still recommend the book solely for the experience, just not so much for the plot.

What did you think of the book? Did you like it or could you have done without it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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