The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling Book Review


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Content Warning: Sexual Scenes, Language


This was a fun book! I enjoyed it. It was definitely outside my genre of reading material. However, if you’re into the more modern-day, witchy things, then this book is perfect for you! I loved the characters and the little town. I even loved how Vivi’s work day was included instead of just tossing it to the wayside. I’ve always wanted that out of a book, and it delivered! 

Also just found out that the author Rachel Hawkins is Erin Sterling. She writes under a different name sometimes, but her website covers all books from both names. 


  • Lovable characters
  • Strong plot


  • No map


The plot was solid and the way they came about solving it evolved naturally, but I definitely didn’t see them getting answers from a ghost, though. The plot was well paced and not too suspenseful or dramatic. The whole thing was rather calm and light-hearted. Which was refreshing, but I felt there needed to be more urgency.

I love how Vivi’s and everyone else’s work day was included. Typically characters abandon their jobs for an adventure, but not them! They worked around it, which felt realistic and practical. It just added to the character’s overall relatability. (Although I’m typically laid up in my pjs right after work. Not out and about!)

The only thing that threw me off a bit was that we never found out why Rhys left his betrothed. Although we can speculate it was because of Vivi. But I wanted either Rhys to tell her or Vivi ask him, and we didn’t get it! 



Vivi was a strong and independent character who was dedicated to her job. She really didn’t take shit throughout the whole book and constantly battled herself if she liked Rhys or not. Vivi was comically and confident in herself, and didn’t mind that she hardly used magic like her cousin and aunt. I adored her and could relate to most of what she went through (minus the whole magic and witch thing).


Rhys was a cute character, but I couldn’t help but think of Rhys from ACOTAR because of the name. Regardless, I loved his family history and family dynamic. He’s definitely a black sheep of sorts but still a little entitled. 

Side Characters

The cat! I loved the talking cat! I have a black cat myself and could so see him yelling “TREEEATS” all the time, along with a few other choice words. Gwyn and Elaine were wonderful and hilarious. I loved how blatant they were about being witches, but no one took them seriously. 


The writing was amazing in this book! I genuinely felt like I was in a small town dealing with secret witchy things. It was light-hearted, comical, and spooky. 


Overall, just a fun, modern, witchy book with lovable characters. I might read Sterling’s other witchy book, but I’m not sure since it was out of the norm for me to read this one. I enjoyed it, though. It was a lot of fun and a quick read.

What did you think of the book? Do you have anything to add, good or bad? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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